About us,
Our mission

PROSPERIC is an international ONLINE portal where we offer our self-developed and recognized partner companies’ online services to our existing and future club members.
Our mission is to offer the best services to the members of our constantly growing international users club!

PROSPERIC is a limited liability company registered in England and uses Network Marketing’s advantages to distribute its services to all parts of the world.

Our existing services:

Penny Auction:

Penny Auction, also known as Online Auction service, where anyone can get branded products and services 80-90% cheaper by bidding.
As an active preferred Customer, you can take the product away by paying the difference even if you were not the last bidder, or if you are the last bidder but do not want the product or service; the company will buy it back from you under certain conditions.

Online Marketing Education:

Social Media and Online Marketing education, where you can learn all the tricks of customer acquisition through social media channels from over 5 hours of professional, educational video material.

Services in the future:

Online gambling:

In the second half of January 2021, the ONLINE CASINO will be launched, provided by our licensed partner to our private CLUB members. You can try your luck in about 30 different licensed games!

Coming soon

In the first half of 2021, together with our partner companies, we will launch additional valuable services, including in the field of finance and tourism, discounted flight tickets of bigger airlines, as well as international legal and medical consulting services.